Thursday, 31 December 2015

Saying Goodbye

So if you've been following the blog recently you may have noticed that I've been posting more infrequently.
Unfortunately since leaving university and starting a new job I just can't find the time for the blog.

So, I've decided it's time to say goodbye. I may be back when I get more used to my job and my training finishes, but if not I want to say goodbye!

I will still be reading and posting reviews on Goodreads when I have the chance, so please feel free to add me on there!

I've loved the blog and the community within the reading blogosphere. I'm sure I'll be back, but until then Happy New Year!

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Monday, 14 December 2015

Blog Tour: The Lady Who Lived Again by Thomasine Rappold; Review + Giveaway

The Lady Who Lived Again (Sole Survivor #1)
Author: Thomasine Rappold
Release Date: 8 December 2015
Publisher: Lyrical Press

Madeleine Sutter was once the belle of the ball at the popular resort town of Misty Lake, New York. But as the sole survivor of the community’s worst tragedy, she’s come under suspicion. Longing for the life she once enjoyed, she accepts a rare social invitation to the event of the season. Now she will be able to show everyone she’s the same woman they’d always admired—with just one hidden exception: she awoke from the accident with the ability to heal.

Doctor Jace Merrick has fled the failures and futility of city life to start anew in rural Misty Lake. A man of science, he rejects the superstitious chatter surrounding Maddie and finds himself drawn to her confidence and beauty. And when she seduces him into a sham engagement, he agrees to be her ticket back into society, if she supports his new practice—and reveals the details of her remarkable recovery. But when his patients begin to heal miraculously, Jace may have to abandon logic, accept the inexplicable—and surrender to a love beyond reason…

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Friday, 11 December 2015

Blog Tour: Heartbreak and Honor by Collette Cameron; Review + Giveaway

Heartbreak and Honor (Romancing a Scot #3)
Author: Collette Cameron
Release date: 2 December 2015
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Abducted by a band of renegade Scots, Highland gypsy Tasara Faas doesn’t hesitate to blacken the eye of her rescuer when the charming duke attempts to steal a kiss. Afterward, Tasara learns she’s the long-lost heiress Alexandra Atterberry and is expected to take her place among the elite society she’s always disdained.

Lucan, the Duke of Harcourt, promised his gravely ill mother he’d procure a wife by Christmastide, but intrigued by the feisty lass he saved in Scotland, he finds the haut ton ladies lacking. Spying Alexa at a London ball, he impulsively decides to make the knife-wielding gypsy his bride despite her aversion to him and her determination to return to the Highlands.

The adversary responsible for Alexa’s disappearance as a toddler still covets her fortune and joins forces with Harcourt’s arch nemesis. Amidst a series of suspicious misfortunes, Lucan endeavors to win Alexa’s love and expose the conspirators but only succeeds in reaffirming Alexa’s belief that she is inadequate to become his duchess.

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