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Blog Tour: The Lady Who Lived Again by Thomasine Rappold; Review + Giveaway

The Lady Who Lived Again (Sole Survivor #1)
Author: Thomasine Rappold
Release Date: 8 December 2015
Publisher: Lyrical Press

Madeleine Sutter was once the belle of the ball at the popular resort town of Misty Lake, New York. But as the sole survivor of the community’s worst tragedy, she’s come under suspicion. Longing for the life she once enjoyed, she accepts a rare social invitation to the event of the season. Now she will be able to show everyone she’s the same woman they’d always admired—with just one hidden exception: she awoke from the accident with the ability to heal.

Doctor Jace Merrick has fled the failures and futility of city life to start anew in rural Misty Lake. A man of science, he rejects the superstitious chatter surrounding Maddie and finds himself drawn to her confidence and beauty. And when she seduces him into a sham engagement, he agrees to be her ticket back into society, if she supports his new practice—and reveals the details of her remarkable recovery. But when his patients begin to heal miraculously, Jace may have to abandon logic, accept the inexplicable—and surrender to a love beyond reason…

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Madeline Sutter was once part of The Fair Five, a group of vivacious, beautiful young girls who were adored in their community. After a terrible accident involving four of the five girls, four girls were left dead...until Madeline Sutter was resurrected. Okay, so she wasn't actually resurrected but she was declared dead (accidentally) and now the whole town either fear her or despise her. In addition to thinking she's some kind of abomination, they also blame her for the deaths of her three friends.

Madeline is certainly a resilient woman to endure the hate and abuse from the people in her town, people she once called friends. Now her only ally is her ailing grandfather. Madeline has a very compassionate nature, with a kind heart. This means that she finds it difficult not to use the healing ability that she gained after the accident, even though if she's caught using it the townspeople would likely try and string her up. I loved that Maddie was also confident and could take charge with Jace. Despite liking Maddie, I do wish that she had stood up for herself more. She feels responsible for the accident and so feels that she deserves some of the blame, but it is frustrating to see how cruel they can be.

Jace was exactly what Maddie needed. She needed someone who wouldn't be cowed by the townspeople and would stand up for her. The way he sees Maddie, helps her to see herself through new eyes again. He's a Doctor from the city, so he can be a little arrogant and set in his own ways. His rigid belief in science does make it hard for Maddie to be able to trust him with her secret, as she's afraid he will spurn her and her gift. I did love how Jace stood up for Maddie and was protective of her, which was all the sweeter when contrasted with the behaviour of the people in town.

Jace and Maddie have a sweet relationship that develops gradually into friendship before exploding into passion. I liked that before anything really happened between them, they became friends. Despite the possibility of Jace's practice suffering because of his relationship with Maddie, he continues to support her and spurns the close-mindedness of the town.

The romance takes center stage, and Maddie and Jace are certainly a couple you can root for. I personally would have liked a bit more resolution at the end, particularly with the Pastor and the townsfolk. Overall though, it was a very enjoyable romance, with the an intriguing paranormal element.

*I received a review copy for my honest opinion. Thank you!

About the Author

A three-time RWA Golden Heart nominee, Thomasine Rappold writes historical romance and historical romance with paranormal elements. She lives with her husband in a small town in upstate New York that inspired her current series. When she’s not spinning tales of passion and angst, she enjoys spending time with her family, fishing on one of the nearby lakes, and basking on the beach in Cape Cod. Thomasine is a member of Romance Writers of America and the Capital Region Romance Writers. Readers can find her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter: @ThomRappold.

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