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Review: Lord of Pleasure by Delilah Marvelle

Lord of Pleasure (School of Gallantry #2)
Author: Delilah Marvelle

Alexander William Baxendale, the earl of Hawksford, used to a very big man. Quite literally. His girth made him only popular with his friends. Despite his weight, he considered his life to be charmed until he meets Miss Charlotte Jane Sutton. He quickly realizes winning the girl of his dreams isn't the same as eating chocolate. When she rejects him and breaks his heart, he decides the best revenge is becoming the man of every woman's dreams. Unfortunately, he creates a name for himself even he isn't ready to embrace. Soon, far more than just Charlotte is knocking on his door. Will he survive his own revenge? He isn't so sure.


It's finally time for Hawksford's story. I've read and enjoyed the rest of the School of Gallantry series and I've come full circle after originally starting with book 3, Lady of Pleasure. After reading the first book in the series my appetite was certainly whet in preparation for Hawksford's story after all the titbits we were fed. I couldn't wait to find out the story between Hawksford and Charlotte; it promised to be an interesting one and it certainly was.

Hawksford has developed quite the reputation for himself as a ladies man but it wasn't always like that. He used to have issues with his weight and found that that certainly didn't help with the ladies, apart from one woman who genuinely seems interested in him as a man rather than for his money and title. Now though Hawksford is trying to clean up his act in order to help the reputations of his sisters as they approach the marriage market. Everything changes when he crosses paths again with that particular lady who sparked so much interest in his younger years and he becomes determined to finally make her his.

Charlotte makes for an interesting heroine. She's had a difficult life after being abused by her former suitor and an unsatisfying marriage to a man who didn't understand her. She's a strong woman who is determined to live life on her room terms but she struggles with the dark secret that mars her potential relationship with Hawksford. Her sexual needs proved to be an obstacle which the couple would have to work through together to finally find happiness with each other.

I do love the relationship between Charlotte and Hawksford. They have a comfortable ease with each other that just shows how much they belong together and I love the flirtatious banter between them. They also have a tumultuous chemistry which serves to entertain and delight as their relationship progresses.
Delilah Marvelle once again tackles delicate and difficult issues, particularly when it comes to the bedroom, with a finesse that makes the reader think and brings a new intimacy to the relationship between our heroine and hero. The needs that Charlotte has can't be pushed aside and they must work through them to help heal her wounds from the past. Hawksford doesn't understand her needs and relies on Madame de Maitenon's invaluable aid in coming to understand Charlotte and be able to truly satisfy her.

I really enjoyed Charlotte and Hawksford's story. They had a really light hearted and fun romance at times, that could take a surprising darker turn unexpectedly. It certainly keeps the reader on their toes and I felt so engaged with the story. This might be the end of the School of Gallantry for me (until I re-read of course) but it's been a fun journey and one I couldn't recommend more!

*I received a review copy from the author for my honest opinion. Thank you!

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