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Review: Wish Upon a Duke by Eva Devon

Wish Upon a Duke (The Dukes' Club #3)
Author: Eva Devon
Release Date: 23 February 2015

Lady Imogen Cavendish loves making merry. After surviving years of marriage to an old man, having seized her freedom seems the only intelligent thing to have done. Even so, years of dancing her way through parties has lost its’ luster and all she wants now is to spend most of the year on the small estate she’s purchased in Scotland. There’s just one thing. Her neighbor is an infuriating, superior, and exceptionally handsome duke!

An Arrogant Duke Who Knows It All:

Duncan Hamish Fergus, Tenth Duke of Blackburn, does everything right. Duty might as well be his middle name. After his father very nearly ruined his mother and sister’s life, Duncan is determined to never let the family name be tarnished again. Sacrificing his own pleasure seems a small price to pay until he meets the mad capped English woman, Lady Cavendish. In all his years on the path of righteous, no woman has ever tempted him to stray into sin, but no woman has ever been as mischievous or voluptuous as his saucy sassenach neighbor.

Can Imogen teach the oh so proper duke how to have a little fun or will two hearts be broken by propriety?


So far, The Dukes' Club series from Eva Devon has been filled with fun and heady romance, and Wish Upon a Duke stays true to this. It was a delightful romp of a romance between two characters that couldn't be more different on paper but make such a wonderful couple.

Duncan watched his father almost ruin the family with his drunken debauchery so he is determined to be a very proper Duke. He has absolutely no intention of providing fodder for the gossips and wants to ensure that the family name is protected. Duncan suppresses much of his personality and tries to shape himself into the sort of stern and respectable man that he thinks he must be. It's really quite sad as we see just how much he's shutting himself off from any enjoyment of life. Of course, all of this means that one day he'll choose a demure and equally proper wife to be his Duchess. Someone with an unblemished reputation who understands the gravity of her position....someone very unlike Lady Imogen Cavendish.

Imogen leads a carefree life of freedom and fun. Her elderly husband died and left her with power over her own life, which she yields as she pleases. I loved Imogen's sense of fun and bright positivity. She's a complete ray of sunshine and brings happiness to others as well. Even though she's living her life as she likes, she does also yearn to find the kind of true and fulfilling love she sees her friends have.

Imogen and Duncan have a wonderful connection immediately, even if Duncan does try his hardest to ignore it and push her away. The two seem like chalk and cheese, but Duncan needs Imogen to bring light and fun into his life. It was also fun to see Duncan realise how much he had misjudged Imogen before meeting her and then to watch him try and atone for his misjudgment.

Despite the personal obstacles they need to overcome to be happy together, Imogen and Duncan are a very sweet couple and Duncan makes a perfect addition to the Dukes' club! This book also hints as to what we might expect next in the series from the irrepressible Duke of Aston, which I'll very much be looking forward to reading!

*I received a review copy from the author, for my honest opinion. Thank you!
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