Saturday, 4 April 2015

Review: Dirty Beautiful Rich, Part 4 by Eva Devon

Dirty Beautiful Rich, Part Four
Author: Eva Devon
Release Date: 27 March 2015

Damian FitzGeralds can’t escape his past. It doesn't matter how many thousands of miles he runs. His secret is always there. Always threatening to unleash it’s pain and horror again. When Julie Doyle gets too close there’s only one option. Run. But even half way around the world, he can’t escape her pull on his guarded heart.

Julie Doyle has been a fool again when it comes to men. Instead of the business arrangement she’d promised herself, she’s fallen head over heals for her sexy Irish employer. There’s just one thing. He’s broken. Can she help him heal without losing herself, or will she have to leave the gorgeous billionaire behind?


Julie's life has been turned upside down by the confident, sexy-as-sin Irish businessman (and Earl!), Damian Fitzgerald. He gave her a dream job in Ireland, a country she has longed to visit for years. He swept her off her feet and made her feel like a beautiful, desirable woman...and then promptly disappeared on her.

I loved the way that Julie has grown in confidence throughout this story and it really shows in this installment. She proves that she has a backbone of steel after the way she handles Damian's disappearance. I also loved that she's so clearly gained Damian's grandmother's approval and friendship, especially since she seems like a particularly fab character.

This installment provides more insight into Damian's past and his family as Julie finds out just what happened with Damian's dad. I also liked the way it ended, although I'd have loved to have seen what happened next. Trust Eva to leave us hanging like that, I'm just plain greedy for the next installment of Dirty Beautiful Rich now!

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