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Review: Cursed by Fire by Jacquelyn Frank

Cursed by Fire (Immortal Brothers #1)
Author: Jacquelyn Frank
Release Date: 24 February 2015
Publisher: Piatkus

From New York Times bestselling author Jacquelyn Frank comes the scorching hot first book in a thrilling new series featuring four warrior brothers who have the power—and the curse—of immortality. 

For centuries, Dethan has been trapped in a fiery inferno for defying the gods and snatching the power of immortality. Condemned to have his battle-hardened body licked by flames only to regenerate and be consumed all over again, Dethan has lost all hope—until the Goddess of Conflict appears. She will release him from torment—if he’ll use his power and strength as a warrior to raise an army and defeat a fierce enemy faction of gods.

Free to live as a man once again, Dethan meets Selinda—heir to the throne of Hexis—and his thoughts quickly turn from the conquest of cities to the conquest of this headstrong beauty. Betrothed to a cruel, calculating powermonger, Selinda needs a champion, and so Dethan enters into another bargain: If she will share her bed—and her body—with him, Dethan will save her city from destructive forces within and without. As the lovers ignite a searing passion, Dethan will risk all—even the wrath of the Goddess of Conflict—for a chance to make Selinda his forever.


Dethan is a fierce warrior whose arrogance incurs the Gods' wrath when he dares to drink from an immortality fountain. Cursed to continually burn but never die, Dethan has lost all hope until the Goddess of Conflict appears to him. She frees him to conquer cities in her name, increasing her power in a war raging amongst the Gods. Dethan may be free, but he is still cursed and burns after dark. Dethan was a thoroughly fascinating character, he's bold and assured, strong and fearless- the perfect warrior. He's also intelligent and strategic when it comes to conquering and ruling cities. I loved that the curse from the Gods has humbled him to make him realise his errors, but it doesn't change the strength and determination that is at the core of his character.

Selinda broke my heart with all she has suffered. She could be a fair and wise ruler, if it wasn't for her father blindly ignoring the devious and evil ways of his most trusted advisor, Grannish...who happens to also be Selinda's betrothed. She cleverly picks her battles with Grannish because she knows firsthand the repercussions of his ire. Even though she has so many reasons to not trust any man, she is drawn to the mysterious stranger who enters her life so abruptly- Dethan.

I enjoyed the back and forth between Selinda and Dethan, they have a great chemistry despite the many obstacles between them. Dethan knows he should be entirely focused on his mission from the Goddess of Wrath but he also can't help but want Selinda as well.
One of the only things I didn't enjoy in the story however, is the way in which Grannish is dealt with, particularly by Selinda. She's definitely stuck between a rock and a hard place because she knows if she stands up to Grannish he will find other ways to punish her. It's still frustrating to have to watch her just submit to him though. He's just such a dick.

This is a very compelling read and I loved the world building in it. It felt like it had more of an Ancient Greek vibe than the paranormal one that I was expecting. I'm probably picking up on the Ancient Greece thing because of the warring gods and the way they can interfere with mortals, but I enjoyed it. It helps that I love anything mythological. I'll definitely be looking to read more from Jacquelyn Frank in the future and I'm looking forward to Garreth's story in Cursed by Ice.

*I received a review copy from Piatkus for my honest opinion. Thank you!

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