Saturday, 21 February 2015

Review: Dirty Beautiful Rich Part 3 by Eva Devon

Dirty Beautiful Rich, Part 3
Author: Eva Devon
Release Date: 12 February 2015

Free of her dead end job, Julie Doyle is in Ireland and staying in an ancient castle with the man of her dreams. But as she learns more about the sexy, tortured, ridiculously rich lord, is her too good to be true fantasy about to become a nightmare?

Damian Fitzgerald never wanted to hurt Julie Doyla. All he wants is to show her how beautiful she is. But with each passing moment of their acquaintance, she cracks the wall around his heart and that is the one thing he can’t allow. To keep his self control, will he abandon her or embrace the woman who speaks to his soul?


So, Julie and Damian's story continues in part three of Dirty Beautiful Rich- yay!
Julie's kindness and her ability to come out stronger after everything life throws at her makes her a heroine worth rooting for. She won't be cowed by anything and I'm proud of her for as she does continue to grow in each segment of the story.
Damian is ever so slightly less mysterious as we meet his grandmother and mother and finally get a bit more of a glimpse into his past. These glimpses also start to explain his attitude towards love and marriage, and why he's so reluctant to let his heart become entangled with another,

There is some great progression in this installment as Julie finally lands in her beloved Ireland and visits the land that she feels such a connection to, as well as Damian's impressive ancestral estate. More is revealed of Damian in this story which was lovely, and we get to see a more relaxed and boyish side of him at times.
Sadly, not everything is rainbows and roses for our couple and the ending shows us that. Although I'm very proud of how Julie deals with it and it shows yet more of her ability to hold her head high when life deals her a blow. But alas, I shall have to wait to see where Julie's journey will take her next!
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