Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 Challenges and Aims

I wanted to start the new year by quickly summarising my results from 2014 challenges and any I'm doing next year.

Historical Romance Challenge

I wanted to reach at least level 3 of the historical romance challenge, hosted by Anna at Herding Cats Burning Soup, which would be to read and review 24 historical romances. I managed to reach level 4 (30+) by reading and reviewing 42!

You can see which books I read and reviewed for this challenge here

Erotic Romance Challenge

The same challenge was held for erotic romances, and I aimed for reaching level 1- 12 romances. And I reached my goal, reading and reviewing 12 exactly!

You can check out the books I read and reviewed here.

Goodreads Challenge

I also participated in the Goodreads challenge and set myself the target of 150 books to read for the year, which I JUST made! It was a close shave because I didn't do much reading over the Christmas period.

New 2015 Challenges!

Goodreads Challenge

I think this year I'll reduce my target a bit because I'm graduating uni in the summer so I don't really know what the year will bring. It's pretty likely that I'll have less time for reading.
So I guess I'll go for 100 this year.

Historical Romance Challenge

I'm going to go for the historical romance challenge again because I enjoyed it last year!
I'll aim for at least level 3, 24 books, again. Let's see if I make level 5 (100+), ha!
You can sign up here.

New to You Challenge

I'm also joining in on the 2015 New to You Reading Challenge, hosted by Anna at Herding Cats Burning Soup. I'll keep it low and aim to reach level 1, with 6 'new to you's. Basically this challenge is to read and review something 'new' to you.
You can sign up here.

I've also decided that since there are currently 12 Black Dagger Brotherhood books, and it's a series I've wanted to start for a while, I'm going to read one a month in 2015.
I'm also going to re-read the Harry Potter series because it's been far too long!

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