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Review: What a Wallflower Wants by Maya Rodale

What a Wallflower Wants (Bad Boys & Wallflowers #3)
Author: Maya Rodale
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: 30 September 2014

In the third novel in Maya Rodale's charming Wallflower series, London's Least Likely to Be Caught in a Compromising Position finds temptation in a devilishly handsome stranger . . .

Miss Prudence Merryweather Payton has a secret.

Everyone knows that she's the only graduate from her finishing school to remain unwed on her fourth season—but no one knows why. With her romantic illusions shattered after being compromised against her will, Prudence accepts a proposal even though her betrothed is not exactly a knight in shining armor. When he cowardly pushes her out of their stagecoach to divert a highwayman, she vows never to trust another man again.

John Roark, Viscount Castleton, is nobody's hero.

He's a blue-eyed charmer with a mysterious past and ambitious plans for his future—that do not include a wife. When he finds himself stranded at a country inn with a captivating young woman, a delicate dance of seduction ensues. He knows he should keep his distance. And he definitely shouldn't start falling in love with her.

When Prudence's dark past comes back to haunt her, John must protect her—even though he risks revealing his own secrets that could destroy his future.


Oh, I loved this book. I've read the modern stories that accompany this series, but this is the first historical one I've read. Although I do have the previous two books and I will definitely read them soon!

Prudence broke my heart. It's always hard to read about something as awful as sexual abuse, and to think of how someone could be judged for the terrible crime perpetrated against them. Prudence has allowed herself to linger in the background since that incident which stole away her innocence. She's left behind romantic notions of white knights and thinks practically. However Prudence is much stronger than she realises and I was cheering her on as she healed through the story.

John is pretty amazing. He has some big secrets, secrets he can't risk people finding out but he can't help but be drawn to Prudence. He was absolutely the perfect man for Prudence, he was patient and kind with an understanding nature that allowed her to open up to him. He never expected anything from her but just offered his support, which let Prudence trust him on her own terms.

Their romance was so utterly sweet. It's a slow burner obviously, Prudence and John develop a cautious friendship when they become stuck in the same coaching inn. John's naturally charming and easy going personality brought Prudence out of her protective shell. Once that comfort and trust was established, the romance soon followed. The risks John would go through in order to be there for Prudence took my breath away, especially a particular entrance towards the end of the book!

There were some wonderful twists in the story and I was glued to the pages as I waited to see what would happen next. This heartwarming romance is definitely something I'd recommend to all romance readers!

*I received a review copy for my honest opinion. Thank you!

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