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Review: Elect by Rachel Van Dyken

Elect (Eagle Elite #2)
Author: Rachel Van Dyken
Release Date: 10 December 2013

Would you die for the one you love?
Nixon Abandonato made his choice. And now he has to pay the price. Tracey is the love of his life, but being with him has made her a target of his family's enemies. The only way to keep Trace alive is convince the world she means nothing to him.

Trace Rooks has fallen irrevocably in love with the son of her family's sworn rival, and she knows in her bones nothing can tear them apart. Until Nix suddenly pushes her away and into the arms of his best friend... But Trace isn't ready to give up on a future with Nix--and if he won't fight for them, she will.

In the end, a sacrifice must be made. A life for a life. For what better way to cover a multitude of sins than with the blood of a sinner . . .


I don't know exactly what I was expecting when I read this book. I definitely thought I'd enjoy it, since I enjoyed Elite so much, but I was not expecting the amount of emotion it repeatedly invoked in me. I got to the stage where I was crying so much I couldn't read, and I kept throwing my kindle away dramatically in shock...only to grab it back a moment later to read more. Yeah, I got really into it. But this book is pretty damn awesome! This story is also alternately told from Nixon, Phoenix and Chase's POVs, unlike previously when it was just in Trace's POV. Oh, and don't read on if you've not read Elite, there are probably a couple of spoilers in here!

So, Trace and Nixon have been through a lot in the previous book, Elite, and now it's time for them to enjoy a bit of happiness together, right? Wrong. Due to some previous events, the big bad mafia guys from Sicily are coming to visit, and they are not happy. Cue Nixon trying to protect Trace from them however he can, even if that means practically shoving her into the arms of his best friend, Chase.

Nixon is the head of the Abandonato family and has a hell of a lot of weight on his young, muscular shoulders. Seriously, he has so much responsibility and so many hard decisions he has to make, it just makes your heart bleed for him. All he wants is Trace, but he's not willing to sacrifice her safety for his own happiness. He loves her so purely and wholly.
Chase is also majorly in love with Trace, but she has been firmly hands off. Nixon is like his brother anyway, so he would never want to hurt Nixon. But when temptation is that close, and you basically have permission to take what it is you crave so much, how many of us could resist? I wanted to be pissed at Chase sometimes, but you could also feel his pain and see how much he loves Trace.

This book pulls you in so many different directions, but I loved it. I loved that I was so absorbed in the plot, I just sat and read the book straight through. Then I just felt drained after, but in the best possible way. This series is full of tension, suspense and of course romance. I loved that it's not just about the main 2 or 3 characters, but the story brings everyone to the forefront at different times and I can't wait to read the rest of the series!

*I received a review copy from the publisher for my honest opinion. Thank you!

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