Sunday, 30 November 2014

Blog Ahead Challenge!

I love the idea for this challenge from Herding Cats, Burning Soup because I'm incredibly unorganised when it comes to blogging. Plus I have lots of reviews to catch up on so hopefully this will help!

The idea is that during November I'll create 30 pre-scheduled posts to go live after November. So, if I start the month with 5, I'll finish with 35.
I currently pre-scheduled posts. I told you I was lazy.

I'll use this post to keep anyone interested updated in my progress and how I'm finding it. I expect it may just entail a lot of whining from me...

If you click on the image above it'll take you to the sign up post for more information. 

Wish me luck!

1st Update- 20th November
Wow. I have done no pre-scheduled posts yet. I'm almost impressed at how badly I'm doing in this challenge. Will definitely set something up tonight so I can sleep with an easy conscience....
1 hour later...
I have done my first post! It's a review which really I should publish this month but I can push it until December hehe

2nd Update- 27th November
Woohoo, I've done three! Yeah, yeah, I know it doesn't sound like much, but I still have some time!!
1 hour later...
I did another. Go me! I'm tempted to do one more this evening....

30th November 11:59pm
Well that's it, the blog ahead challenge is done. I didn't do too badly. I've definitely got more pre-scheduled posts than I'd normally have!
I didn't have many promotional posts scheduled for December, since I try and keep my schedule fairly free because of uni exams this month. Which meant that most of my posts for the challenge were reviews, and they can take me quite a while!

I may not have reached my target of 30 (it was never going to happen) but I have 11 pre-scheduled posts for December and it's certainly nice that I won't have to worry about blogging as much during revision.

This has been a great challenge, and I wish I'd had the time to participate more- I'll definitely reach 30 next time!

If you've been joining in with this challenge,leave a comment and let me know how you got on!

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