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Book Review: A Warlock's Dance by Marina Myles

A Warlock's Dance (The Cursed Princes #3)
Author: Marina Myles
Publisher: eKensington
Release Date: 1 May 2014

Encore, Please

Giselle Swenov is a radiant opera star whose beauty is second only to her voice. That is, until a jealous enchantress strips away her talent and looks, transforms her into a mute and haggard old woman, and forces her to leave the man of her dreams at the altar on their wedding day. Now there’s only one person able to reverse the spell: Giselle’s warlock ex-fiancĂ©, Lucian Ivanu.

But three years have passed, and the ever-dashing Lucian seems to have moved on―he’s inherited a vast fortune, forsaken his scandalous powers, and is even set to marry again. Will he recognize his former flame when she shows up at his engagement party and begs for help? Can she recover the powerful magic ring needed to break the curse before it’s too late? Giselle’s plight has a darker twist as she discovers just how far the enchantress’s grasp reaches…


This is definitely a novella that suffered from its short length. Maybe if the characters had had time to develop realistically, I wouldn't have found them so...well...awful.

Giselle seemed to be a rather typical damsel in distress, although I'll give her credit for getting away from the evil witch who turned her from a beautiful, young opera singer to a mute, old hag. She still loves Lucian after all their time apart and is heartbroken when she discovers he is about to become engaged to another. She's very sweet and forgiving to Lucian.

Lucian was just terrible. I get it, he feels utterly betrayed when he thinks that Giselle left him at the altar. But when she returns in dire need of his help, and it becomes clear that she never actually abandoned him, he acts like a huge asshole. He doesn't even want to help her at first, and he plans to marry a woman he doesn't love even if he can turn Giselle back. Then when he sees her young and beautiful again, he practically falls over himself to declare his love. Humph. I kind of think that he didn't deserve Giselle.

Despite my...reservations about the characters, it's an enjoyable story. It's a quick read that holds your attention. I like the idea of the story, with fairy tales mixed with paranormal aspects, but the characters were a let down for me.

*I received a review copy from the publisher, via NetGalley, for my honest opinion.

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