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Blog Tour: Between the Devil and Ian Eversea; Review + Giveaway

Between the Devil and Ian Eversea (Pennroyal Green #9)
Author: Julie Anne Long
Publisher: Avon
Release date: 25 March 2014

She might look like an angel...

The moment orphaned American heiress Titania “Tansy” Danforth arrives on English shores she cuts a swath through Sussex, enslaving hearts and stealing beaux. She knows she's destined for a spectacular titled marriage—but the only man who fascinates her couldn't be more infamous...or less interested.

...but it takes a devil to know one...

A hardened veteran of war, inveterate rogue Ian Eversea keeps women enthralled, his heart guarded and his options open: why should he succumb to the shackles of marriage when devastating good looks and Eversea charm make seduction so easy?

...and Heaven has never been hotter.

When Ian is forced to call her on her game, he never dreams the unmasked Tansy—vulnerable, brave, achingly sensual—will tempt him beyond endurance. And fight as he will, this notorious bachelor who stood down enemies on a battlefield might finally surrender his heart...and be brought to his knees by love.
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Immediately these characters immerse you in the world of Pennyroyal Green, home of the Everseas.
Tansy arrives in Sussex after losing both her parents and her brother. The Duke of Falconbridge is now her guardian and she arrives determined to reclaim her place as Queen Bee after reigning supreme at the New York social scene. Tansy has a mask in place that hides all her vulnerability and shows the world a carefree, happy woman who charms all men....except Ian Eversea. Really though, Tansy is lonely and wants to find her own love and place in the world. She's smart and kind, even if she is quite the most determined flirt! I enjoyed seeing her mask slip and more of the real Tansy come through as the story proceeds.
Ian has a rather scandalous past with a reputation as a rake. He is devoted to his family and was decorated as a war hero, so there's clearly more to him then good times and women. When faced with Tansy he initially dismisses her as an insipid debutante, but soon he sees the real Tansy- the one that no one else sees and he's drawn to her against his better judgement. Ian is restless and really just trying to find his place in the world as well.
Tansy and Ian are great together. They made me laugh and I loved how they came together in the end!

This is a really great read, and I am ashamed to admit that this is only the first book I've read by Julie Anne Long because her writing is engaging and had the perfect blend of humour and emotion. I loved that Tansy and Ian's characters weren't perfect, they were flawed but you also get to see them grow and they were interesting and lively.
I'd happily recommend this to any romance reader and I am definitely going to start making my way through the rest of the Pennyroyal series!

*I received a review copy from the publisher for my honest opinion. Thank you! 

About the Author

The author of five popular novels from Warner and eight from Avon, Julie Anne Long lives in California with a fat orange cat (little known fact: they issue you a cat the moment you become a romance novelist).

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There's also a giveaway for a Print Copy of Pennyroyal Green Series Book #8, IT HAPPENED ONE MIDNIGHT. Good luck!

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