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Wind Raven by Regan Walker; Spotlight + Review

Wind Raven (Agents of the Crown #3)
Author: Regan Walker
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Release Date: March 2014

Ordered by the Prince Regent into the Caribbean, English sea captain and former privateer Jean Nicholas Powell has no time for women onboard the Wind Raven, especially not Tara McConnell. The impudent American forced herself aboard, and so she’ll get more than she bargained for: Instead of a direct sail to Baltimore, she’ll join their quest to investigate a rampaging pirate, the infamous Roberto Cofresi. 

But the hoyden thinks she can crew with his men, and though he bans her from the rigging, Nick is captivated watching her lithe, luscious movements on deck. Facing high seas, storms, cutthroats and the endless unknown, he must protect his ship, his passenger, his crew. But on this voyage, with this woman, there is a greater danger: to his heart.
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Wind Raven is an engaging, romantic journey across the high seas, from English shores to tropical Bermuda and Baltimore. It's the third in the Agents of the Crown but works perfectly as a stand alone as well.

Tara is a free-spirited American, who has spent the season in London at the request of her Father. This doesn't sit well with Tara who doesn't think she could ever marry an Englishman after the war between America and England stole her brother's life. When news of her Father's illness reaches her, Tara is happy to be back aboard a ship and heading home. The ship she sails on is the Wind Raven, captained by the handsome Captain Nick Powell, who doesn't think a woman should be on his ship and certainly not involving herself in the running of his ship- an opinion that Tara definitely doesn't agree with.

Tara has sailed on her Father and brother's ships since she was little and is at home sailing the seas. Her passion and knowledge for sailing set her apart from other young women- something that Nick definitely notices. She's very determined and comfortable in her own skin, which was great. She just wants to pull her weight and enjoy the voyage, although she didn't count on the sparks that were flying between her and Nick.
Nick has been burned in the past by a woman he thought he lived, so he's closed his heart to the possibility of love. But Tara is so different from the ladies he's used to that she is able to get under his skin and find her way to his heart. He comes across as surly to begin with, but we soon see another side of Nick as he and Tara grow closer.
I loved Nick and Tara as a couple. They just make so much sense together, and not just because they have a shared love of the ocean. They also have a passion burning between them that won't be denied!

The compelling plot keeps your attention glued to the pages. The level of research is clear in the details and knowledge embedded in the story, it was fascinating and provided a believable glimpse into life on the high seas in the early 1800s. There's plenty of adventure and passion to be found in Wind Raven, and I'd definitely recommend it to any lover of Regency romances. I'll certainly be watching out for future releases from Regan Walker!

*I received a review copy for my honest opinon. Thank you!

About the Author

As a child Regan Walker loved to write stories, particularly about adventure-loving girls, but by the time she got to college more serious pursuits took priority. One of her professors thought her suited to the profession of law, and Regan realized it would be better to be a hammer than a nail. Years of serving clients in private practice and several stints in high levels of government gave her a love of international travel and a feel for the demands of the “Crown” on its subjects. Hence her romance novels often involve a demanding Prince Regent who thinks of his subjects as his private talent pool.

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