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Book Review: Wicked Earl Seeks Proper Heiress by Sara Bennett

Wicked Earl Seeks Proper Heiress (The Husband Hunters Club #5)
Author: Sara Bennett
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Release Date: 25 February 2014

Sara Bennett concludes her fan-favorite Husband Hunters series with an earl, an heiress, and an accidental attraction…

Too wicked for proper society and in dire financial straits, Rufus Blainey, the Earl of Southbrook, knows but one solution: to marry an heiress. So when innocent and beautiful Lady Averil Martindale waltzes into his life, Rufus can't imagine a more perfect scenario: woo her, win her, bankrupt her.

Averil has no intention of spending her life or her money alone. An orphan, she's determined to find her lost half sister and reclaim what little family she has left. When Rufus offers to help locate the elusive girl, Averil is grateful and more than a little intrigued by the handsome, dashing rogue.

Everything is going according to Rufus's plan. That is until, despite his best efforts, he begins to fall totally, madly, sincerely in love with Averil…but will she marry him once she learns the truth?


Averil is searching for her missing sister, whom she only remembers seeing once after her mother left her father. Her search leads her to a brothel, but on the way she is abandoned by the man she had hired to help her in her search. When Rufus sees Averil alone in the East End, he helps her and offers his aid in her mission to find her sister. When he finds out that she is set to inherit a great fortune, his Uncle urges Rufus to woo Averil and marry her to restore the family coffers. Rufus rather unwillingly starts to agree with his Uncle, but the closer he gets to Averil, the closer he comes to falling in love with her.

I liked Averil, she has a kind and generous spirit but is also very determined. She makes for a good heroine and I admired her desire to help with her cousin's charity works. Although, I did find it a bit irritating that she could be a bit pushover when it came to helping with her cousin's charitable Woman's Home. She had no problem voicing her opinions in other areas of her life.
I thought Rufus was a great hero. He's not very well accepted in polite society because of a scandal attached to his early marriage, but the scandal is undeserved. Unfortunately his family's high living in the past meant that when he inherited the Earldom, it left him close to penniless. Rufus was so conflicted about pursuing Averil for her money, but even when he tried to resist her, he couldn't. He found himself drawn to her, despite his misgivings. He's honourable and a wonderful father, and I loved him!
I thought Averil and Rufus were great together. Her bright spirit is just what he needs, and they have a very sweet connection.

The plot was interesting, and I enjoyed the mystery as they tried to find Averil's sister and uncover the mysterious disappearances at the Woman's Home. There's a side romance between Beth (Averil's companion) and James (Rufus' Uncle) which I found kind of unnecessary considering the short length of the book.

Overall, I enjoyed this story and whilst it didn't blow me away it was a nice, quick read. 

*I received a review copy from the publisher, via Edelweiss, for my honest opinion. Thank you!

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