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Blog Tour: Compromising Willa by Diana Quincy; Guest Post- 10 Fun Regency Slang Expressions + Giveaway

Compromising Willa (Accidental Peers #3)
Author: Diana Quincy
Publisher: Entangled: Scandalous
Release Date: 9 December 2013

England, 1805

Lady Wilhelmina Stanhope is ruined and everyone knows it. Back in Town for the first season since her downfall, Willa plans to remain firmly on the shelf, assuming only fortune hunters will want her now. Instead she focuses on her unique tea blends, secretly supporting a coffee house which employs poor women and children. If her clandestine involvement in trade is discovered, she'll be ruined. Again.

No one is more shocked by Willa's lack of quality suitors than the newly minted Duke of Hartwell. Having just returned from India, the dark duke is instantly attracted to the mysterious wallflower. His pursuit is hampered by the ruthless Earl of Bellingham, who once jilted Willa and is now determined to reclaim her.

Caught between the clash of two powerful men, a furious Willa refuses to concede her independence to save her reputation. But will she compromise her heart?
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Hartwell frowned. “I scarcely see how Lady Wilhelmina can belong to Bellingham if there is no betrothal.”

“There is certain talk no gentleman would ever repeat.” Heenan reached for his mother-of-pearl snuffbox. “Some say it is why the lady has kept herself away from Town for so long.”

“And this is commonly discussed in society?”

“It is not the kind of thing one hears in Mayfair’s drawing rooms,” Selwyn answered in halting tones.

“But most gentlemen about Town eventually hear the talk,” Garrick added with a lascivious smirk.

Heenan leaned over and inhaled snuff into his nose. “Not that anyone dares to cut her in public.” Leaning back in his chair with a satisfied sigh, he used a handkerchief to wipe remnants of the powdery substance from his upper lip. “Impeccable family lines and all. The family carries on as though nothing has happened. She is under the protection of her cousin, the Marquess of Camryn, who is quite influential in the Lords. No one dares risk his wrath.”

“I don’t follow.”

Garrick leaned forward. “They say the chit is compromised. Utterly and completely, if you get my meaning.” He winked at Hart. “But she still acts the frigid princess, all high and mighty. Otherwise, who wouldn't want to toss up those skirts and give her a good hard—”
Something in his head snapped loose, blinding him to anything but the desire to crush the drunken whoreson beneath his boot heel. He bolted to his feet and shoved the table back with a loud clatter. Towering over Garrick, he grabbed the man’s cravat with one hand and drew back his fist with the other. Garrick shrank back in his chair, wide-eyed, his face pinched with fear. Action at the other gaming tables screeched to a halt. Silence descended; all eyes were riveted on Hartwell.

Selwyn jumped up and placed a calming hand on his shoulder. “Now Hartwell,” he said, partially positioning himself between the two men. “This is just a friendly misunderstanding among gentlemen.”

His neck burned. It was a lie. It had to be. “It is hardly the act of a gentleman to insult a lady's honor in the most grievous way possible.”

Guest Post- 10 Fun Regency Slang Expressions

1. To shoot the cat To vomit from an excess of liquor.

2. To sprain her ankle A woman who is pregnant is said to have sprained her ankle.

3. Fox’s Paw The mispronunciation of the French words “faux pas,” as in He made a confounded fox's paw.

4. Cheeser A particularly strong-smelling passing of gas.

5. I tapped his claret Claret is a French red wine. Figuratively, claret means blood. So, I tapped his claret means something like I broke his head and made the blood run.

6. At her last prayers Referring to a woman considered to be an old maid.

7. Silent flute, sugar stick A man’s masculine bits

8. Sitting Breeches Someone who stays late (and sometimes presumably overstays his welcome) is said to have his sitting breeches on.

9. Squab A fat man or woman, so called because of their likeness to a well-stuffed couch, called also a squab.

10. Stretching Hanging. He'll stretch for it, meaning he will be hanged for it.

About the Author

Diana Quincy is an award-winning former television journalist who decided she’d rather make up stories where a happy ending is always guaranteed. Growing up as a foreign service brat, Diana visited many countries and is now settled in Virginia with her husband and two sons. When not bent over her laptop or trying to keep up with laundry, she enjoys reading, spending time with her family and dreams of traveling much more than her current schedule (and budget) allows.
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