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Little Bird
Author: Liza Gaines
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Release Date: 16 August 2013

In his bonds, she learns to soar.

Lee Jackson is bad news for a girl like Savannah Alderton. At least, that’s what everyone keeps telling her when her boss tasks her with assisting Lee in the search for his missing ex-wife. But despite all the warnings and Lee’s overbearing attitude, she’s attracted to him from the start. Wanting more than the casual sex he readily offers, Savannah fears she is bound to get hurt. Can she take that risk?

After a dysfunctional marriage and demoralizing divorce, Lee doesn’t do relationships. Casual sex with women who don’t expect more is enough to meet his needs; especially if those women share his appetite for handcuffs and crops. Which means Savannah is all wrong for him. She isn’t his type, she’s na├»ve and inexperienced, and worst of all, she’s exactly the kind of woman who will want more than a rough tumble between his sheets. Still, Lee can’t seem to stay away and he can’t help but wonder if maybe he’s underestimated her.

As the situation with his ex-wife becomes more desperate, Lee and Savannah struggle to overcome their fears and begin to imagine a life together. Will they live long enough to see those dreams become reality?


Little Bird had an intriguing start, and had the promise of suspense, sex and love. It delivers on these promises- especially the sex!

Savannah is a pretty feisty woman. On the surface she may come across as a little reserved, but once her defences are lowered, she's a lot more open.
Lee is blunt, domineering and a little crude, but he makes no apologies for how he is. It's refreshing to know what he's thinking and that he's not shrouded in mystery, but he could be a bit overbearing at times. Something Savannah points out numerous times!

The sex scenes felt like they were the main attraction of the book. They were well-written and super steamy. I enjoyed the progression in Lee and Savannah's sexual relationship, from sexy times at home to the scene at the club. Although I enjoyed these scenes, it had a tendency to overshadow the rest of the plot.
The story with Cara and the senator could have been more developed. It wasn't very well-explained at the end, and a bit too neatly wrapped up and ignored.

My biggest problem in the book, and the reason I haven't given it a higher rating, is that the romance between Lee and Savannah was way too insta-love for me. I understand that it was an intense situation so emotions would probably develop quicker anyway, but everything just moved so quickly between them and it felt too unrealistic. Despite this, I liked how intensely they felt about each other.

Overall, I liked the book, despite having a few issues. It's well written and suspenseful- and of course, super sexy! For a debut book especially, brava Liza Gaines.

*I received a review copy from the tour operator, for my honest review. Thank you!

About the Author

Liza Gaines grew up in Michigan before moving to Northern Virginia in 2007. She misses her family and the Great Lakes but has otherwise fallen in love with her adopted home state.
The magic of getting lost in a book is one of her favorite things and is what led her to begin writing. She also loves cooking, baking and visiting the many historical sites in the Mid-Atlantic with her history buff husband and their two dogs.
For more information about Liza and what she's working on next, please visit
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