Monday, 30 September 2013

One Word Survey!

I saw this at Ex Libris, and I fancied doing it myself. I'm just in that sort of mood, maybe you'll learn a little something about me....

So, answer these questions with just one word!

Your hair? Frizzy

Your mother? Crazy

Your father? Army

Your favorite material object? Kindle

Your dream from last night? Bizarre

Your favorite drink? Pina Colada!

Your dream car? VW Beetle

The room you're in right now? Bedroom

Your ex? Non-existent

Your fear? Failure

What do you want to be in 10 years? Happy

What are you not? Boring

What did you do last night? Chilled

What's the last thing you did before this? Blog

What are you wearing? Pyjamas

Your favorite book? Romance

The last thing you ate? Cake

Your life? Hectic

Your mood? Boppy

Your friends? Awesome

What are you thinking about right now? Cake

Your summer? Yawn

What's on your TV? Nothing

The last time you laughed? Today

The last time you cried? Today

School? University

Your favorite weekend activity? Sleeping

Dream job? Author

Your computer? Sloooooow

Just outside your window? Cars

Beer? Yuck

Mexican food? Nommable

Winter? Cold

Religion? Urmmmm

Vacation? Needed

On your bed? Books

Love? Please

That was fun :) I put the first thing that came into my head to make it honest. Fun times. Anywhos....back to reading! Night night.... or good day, depending on where you are....

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