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Interview with Sarah Krisch

Julia (The Good Life #1)
Author: Sarah Krisch
Release Date: 9 August 2013

A failed actress, twenty-something Julia McCarthy begins writing a fictionalized blog as a form of self-therapy. Based on her carefree summers at her grandparents' farm, she never expects her little experiment to garner a viral following, but it does. Boy, does it ever.

Now, with thousands of loyal blog followers, and a syndication deal with the Chicago Herald, Julia is approached by GreenTV to adapt her blog into a TV show. The producers see her as a "Rachel Ray on the Prairie-type". She sees herself as a fraud.

In Julia's fictional world, she's successful. She can pay her bills on time. Heck, she even has a fictional gorgeous husband and charming little boy. Ready to realize her dreams, Julia returns to her grandparents' farm to shoot the TV pilot.

Brad Taylor is definitely not her type: he’s rugged, sensible, and oh-so smug about learning that Julia’s blog is a farce. As the manager of her grandparent’s farm, Brad doesn’t have time to deal with whimsical women who don’t even know how to cook.

Julia can't allow her attraction to Brad to distract her, not when her dreams are about to come true. But are these truly her dreams, her good life?
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Hi Sarah, welcome to Rookie Romance!
Share 4 fun facts about yourself!

1) I like to be crafty. I am currently knitting a scarf for the Fall.
2) I love vacationing in Grand Haven, Michigan. White sandy beaches, love them!
3) I will find any excuse to eat chocolate. My sisters and I found an all-chocolate restaurant in Naperville, IL. Heaven!
4) I love shopping for antiques and fun things to re-purpose. I just finished re-doing a set of dressers from the 1960's that I bought from a local auction for $25.00! Giving something a new life is a great feeling!

If Julia was made into a movie, who would you choose to cast as Julia and Brad?
I would cast Julia as Amy Adams and Brad as Jensen Ackles.

What gave you the boost to self-publish your first book?
My husband, Glen R. Krisch, has been self-publishing for a couple of years now. He has been incredible supportive throughout this process and made me believe I could do it.

Which authors are you most inspired by?
I am inspired by Nora Roberts, JR Ward and Stephenie Meyer.

What’s your favourite way to just relax and unwind, any hobbies?
I enjoy long walks and hikes with my family. The kids run ahead and my husband and I actually get time to catch up on the day. A good, long bubble-bath with my e-reader and a cup of tea is by far the best way for me to relax, though.

Couldn't agree more, a cup of tea cures everything!

Do you have any writing rituals?
Writing definitely happens after the kids have gone to bed. There's not necessarily a ritual, just a relief to have a few uninterrupted moments to myself :)

Can you share a little bit about what you’re working on at the moment?
I am working on the sequel to Julia. It features Maddy, a single mom, who believes she doesn't have time in her life for love.

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About the Author

Sarah Krisch's debut novel, Julia, The Good Life Book 1 is set on a rural farm in the cozy community of Harmony Grove. She was inspired to pursue her secret passion for writing by her husband and author Glen Krisch.

She likes to write fun, fast-paced stories of romance which explore the deeper aspects of what makes people tick.
Sarah has three rambunctious boys who keep her on her toes, but she wouldn't have it any other way. They have taught her more than she ever thought possible about Godzilla, frog-catching, and the best way to track escaped pet snakes in her home.

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