Thursday, 26 September 2013

Book Review: Undressed by Avery Aster

Undressed (The Manhattanites #1)
Author: Avery Aster
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Release Date: 15 February 2013

Milan’s notorious playboy, Prince Tittoni, seems to have everything—Lamborghinis, exotic women, palaces throughout Europe and business success. Ramping up his fabric company to go global with a new apparel brand, he ruthlessly stops supplying fabrics to the American client who inspired the collection. But once they meet, what’s he willing to give to get her in his bed?

Upper East Side designer Lex Easton has already endured her fair share of hard knocks. She’ll be damned if she’ll let an Italian stud muffin knock her down. So what if she named her favorite vibrator after him? With Fashion Week approaching, she’ll do whatever it takes to secure the fabrics she needs to make her clothing line an international success—even sleep with her rival.

Lex’s Louboutins are dug in deep to win this war. All’s fair in love and fashion!


I knew going in that this would be outrageous, fun and totally hot. I was so right!

Lex is just so darned likable! She's forthright and determined, but she has a vulnerability under the surface. I loved how focused she was with her company, Easton Essentials, it's her baby and she's put her blood, sweat and tears into it. So, when a playboy Prince is standing between her and success at New York fashion week, he better watch out.

Oh, Massimo. What more could a girl want?! He's an Italian prince, determined but sweet. I loved how Massimo took control and would slow things down with Lex. He was just so SEXY. Events in his past have made him wary of long term relationships, but underneath the old pain and bitterness he's actually quite the romantic.

The sex scenes were very, very steamy. Lex and Massimo have a fabulous chemistry that was burning up the pages immediately. And when they finally do give in to each other, it was pretty spectacular. I love how outrageous the author makes some of these scenes. Sometimes it's fun, and sometimes it's intense and passionate.
The business rivalry definitely increased the sexual tension, as well!

Massimo and Lex may have some crazy sexual chemistry, but they also have a very sweet romance. They've both had issues in the past that they have to overcome together. I loved how they found a business compromise and then found one together.
There were plenty of laugh out loud moments, mixed with romance and sexiness. A great erotic read!

*I received a review copy from the author, via Edelweiss, for my honest review. Thank you!

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