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Blog Tour: The Countess's Groom by Emily Larkin; Interview + Giveaway

Today is the first day of Emily Larkin's tour for The Countess's Groom, and it's release day as well! So congrats on it's release, Emily, and welcome to Rookie Romance!

The Countess's Groom
Author: Emily Larkin
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, Flirt
Release Date: 9 September 2013
Genre: Historical Romance
Length: 65 pages

Rose, the Countess Malmstoke, is trapped in a marriage from hell. Escape seems impossible—until her horse groom Will Fenmore offers to help her find a way out.

Will has loved Rose since she was brought to Creed Hall as a new bride, but their relationship has only ever been that of mistress and servant.  Born worlds apart, Will knows he could never be her husband, but maybe he can be her salvation.

As they plan her escape to the American colonies, Rose learns to trust Will with her life and her heart, but trusting him with her body is another matter. Can she conquer her fear of the marriage bed? Is the future she dreams of—being Will’s wife—possible?
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Hi Emily, welcome to Rookie Romance!
Thanks, Cerian, it’s lovely to be here.

Share 4 fun facts about yourself!
Um...I speak Swedish. I had dreadlocks for seven years (cut them off last year). I've built an igloo in Antarctica and slept in it. I love walking in the rain!

If The Countess’s Groom was made into a movie, who would you choose to cast as Rose and Will?
For Rose, Natalie Portman. For Will...gosh that’s hard. A young Dermot Mulroney with blue eyes and white-blond hair? He’s craggy, rather than handsome.


(I like to see pictures, so I've taken the liberty of adding them. Hopefully they're about right!)

What made you want to write Rose and Will’s story, after The Spinster’s Secret?
The Spinster’s Secret is the story of an impoverished young lady (Mattie) who earns money by writing porn. One of Mattie’s major sources is an old diary she’s found detailing the romance between a young countess and the servant who tends her horses. While I was writing Mattie’s story I realized that I wanted to write the countess’s story too. It was an interesting challenge. The countess (Rose) was sold into an abusive marriage to pay her father’s debts, and the servant (Will) offers to help her escape. I really loved Will. He’s so compassionate and resourceful and heroic.

If you could go back in time, which era would you visit?
Ancient Rome. I find that whole era fascinating! I’d especially love to meet Pliny, who witnessed the eruption of Vesuvius. 

What’s your favourite way to just relax and unwind, any hobbies?
My favourites are climbing hills, walking on the beach, and doing yoga. Plus I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, so watching those is always a great way to unwind. Wine is good, too!

Got to love a bit of Buffy!

Do you have any writing rituals?
I usually wear headphones to cut out the world. A window to look out of and a cat on the desk are also requirements! And a glass of wine in the evening makes the words flow faster...

Can you share a little bit about what you’re working on at the moment?
Currently I’m finishing a fantasy novel that will come out under my other name (Emily Gee) next year. It’s the sequel to The Sentinel Mage and has assassins and shapeshifters and orphans and princesses in peril and all sorts of fun things. The working title is The Fire Prince.

Thanks for visiting!
Thank you, Cerian! It’s been great talking with you!

About the Author

Emily grew up in a house full of words and books -- her mother worked as a librarian and her father was a novelist – so perhaps it’s not surprising that she became a writer.
She loves to travel and has lived in Sweden, backpacked in Europe, and journeyed overland in the Middle East, China, North Africa, and North America. She enjoys climbing hills, yoga workouts, and watching reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly.
Emily writes fantasy novels (with strong elements of romance) as Emily Gee, and regency romance novels as Emily Larkin.
Author Links: Website | Goodreads


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