Saturday, 17 August 2013

Free eRead-a-thon; Update & Spine Poetry Challenge

I'll be honest... I still haven't started my second book of the challenge. Stripped  by Jasinda Wilder came out today, so I've been reading that. I could not wait!

So as it is, my progress stands steady with having read Inevitable but nothing else :(
But it's not the end! I have confidence in myself, that I can read more for this read-a-thon!

For the Book Spine Poetry challenge...
I've been super busy today, so I'm going to be guilty of re-using one! But I'm rather proud of it, so why not?!

A reckless beauty chosen for the marriage bed,
An offer from a gentleman on the way to the wedding,
Sweet madness when she was wicked,
Wicked, reckless,
The Darkest Surrender.

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