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Book Review: Wife in Name Only by Hayson Manning

Wife in Name Only
Author: Hayson Manning
Publisher: Entangled, Indulgence
Publication Date: 1 April 2013

Trapped in a loveless marriage, Zoe Hughes escaped to make a new life for herself on the tiny island of Tonga. Now she runs a successful boutique honeymoon resort. Selling true love is easy. No one needs to know she's married in name only. At least until America’s premier honeymoon magazine wants to publish a feature on her perfect marriage. Now she must convince her estranged husband to rip himself away from plotting corporate takeovers in LA to save her island paradise.

Rory agrees to come for forty-eight hours, but only because he needs the positive PR. To his surprise, the wife he finds in Tonga isn’t the same woman he married. Now she’s so much more…

When a storm strands Rory in Tonga, will he win back his wife or leave paradise empty-handed?

My Review

I couldn't have had better timing in reading this book, I'm glad I ended up reading it later than I'd originally planned! I read this when the sun had finally found the UK, and I was sunbathing in the garden. It's perfect for a summer read, set in a tropical island paradise.

Zoe Hughes ran from her cold and loveless marriage, and escaped to run her own honeymoon resort on a tropical island in Tonga. When a top honeymoon magazine wants to do a spread on her honeymoon resort, Zoe is thrilled...except they want to do the spread on her 'perfect' marriage as well.
Zoe's estranged husband, Rory, agrees to come to the resort and act happily in love. He has two major motives, to get some good PR to dispel his ice-man image, and to bring his wife home. When he arrives, he realises that Zoe is so much happier and has absolutely no intention of returning to L.A.

I was impressed by Zoe's determination and will. She's found the place where she is happiest, after suffering through a marriage that fell apart. She was miserable living in L.A. and she had the courage to leave it all behind and do what made her happy, even if it meant leaving Rory.
Rory is a bit unlikable at first, he's very abrupt and cold, completely focused on his business. I enjoyed the moments when the real Rory would shine through, and he goes though a journey to find himself again.

I loved that Zoe was true to herself, even if it meant losing Rory all over again. They both rediscover the love they had for each other, which is very sweet and moving.
The descriptions were very vivid, and I could clearly picture the beautiful island, and the village. It also made me crave mangoes so badly!
There's a lot of sexual tension throughout, and Rory and Zoe have a crazy chemistry that steams up the pages.

Overall, a sweet romance about finding what makes you happy and rediscovering a love. It was perfect as a summer read, and I'll be keeping an eye out for books by this author in future.

*I received a review copy from the author, for my honest opinion. Thank you!

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