Friday, 12 July 2013

Book Review: A Secret Affair by Valerie Bowman

A Secret Affair
Author: Valerie Bowman
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Publish Date: 1 July 2013

Miss Frances Birmingham has set her cap for the charming, dashing Mr. Charles Holloway. She and her best friend, Annie, have the most clever idea. They've arranged a bachelor auction for charity. The proceeds will go to the Royale Society for the Humane Treatment of Animals and the winners will be escorted to the most talked-about ball of the Season by their bachelor of choice. When Frances makes a bid for Charlie, will one fun night's amusement turn into a lifetime of love?

My Review

Yay! Frances gets her HEA with none other than Mr. Charles Holloway. Having recently finished Secrets of a Runaway Bride , in which our H and h feature, I was very excited to read Frances' story.

Frances has taken a fancy to Charlie Holloway,  the soon to be brother-in-law of her best friend, Annie. She wants to be able to find out if they would suit and Annie helps her by organising a charity bachelor auction. Frances determinedly bids for Charlie, and wins. A misunderstanding that disappoints Frances and leaves Charlie confused, must be set right before they can be together.

I loved Frances before, and I love her more now. She's very straight forward and blunt, and also intelligent with a mind of her own. Charlie has the Holloway good looks and charm, he's also intelligent and wants nothing more than to become a tutor.
I thought they were a wonderful couple and a perfect match for each other. They had great chemistry and playful banter.

As I'm coming to expect from Valerie Bowman, there's plenty of laughs mixed with a scintillating romance. A misunderstanding acts as the obstacle between the would-be couple, and it caused me to laugh out loud.

A Secret Affair is a fun, fast-paced read, with a sweet romance at its heart. It's a perfect introduction to this author's work, and I'm eagerly anticipating the next book in the series, Secrets of a Scandalous Marriage (Medford's story)!

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