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Book Review: The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter by Jillian Stone

The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter
Author: Jillian Stone
Publisher: Kensington Brava
Publish Date: 25 June 2013

Plunge deeper into the curious world of the deadly Nightshades.

The Moonstone is having a destabilizing effect on the time/space membrane leaving Phaeton trapped in a parallel mirror world where everything is opposite or upside down, yet oddly the same. He is held captive by Domina Valour and tested sorely in this darkly sensual third episode of the Phaeton Black series.

Gaspar Sinclair can't go after Phaeton. His physical body is unraveling before everyone's eyes. America Jones is large with child, but only she has the preternatural ability to locate Phaeton and bring him back. And Doctor Exeter's beautiful charge, Mia, has her claws in him. Quite literally.

To accomplish Phaeton's rescue, the doctor must let loose forces he hasn't the foggiest clue how to control, including his attraction to Mia.
While in the dimension of magnetic opposites, the doctor and Miss Jones attempt to reverse polarity to retrieve Phaeton and stop Gaspar from unraveling. Can America and Phaeton find a way to return together, or will this final test rip them apart forever?

My review

This was the first steampunk romance that I've read, so I wasn't very sure what to expect, but I really enjoyed it!

There's quite a lot going in on this book, which is the third in the Phaeton Black, Paranormal Investigator series. Whilst I did figure out what was going on, there were times I was a little lost. I was also playing catch up with anything steampunk related, so there was a lot to wrap my brain around, but I found my feet quickly.

When I first started thinking about what to write in my review, the first phrase I thought of was, unashamedly erotic. I knew going into it to expect erotic scenes, but hot damn! I think my kindle steamed up. These scenes were so well written and fitted into the plot perfectly, especially with Mia trying to cope with her cat side.

Dr. Exeter was very swoon-worthy, he's so conflicted with his feelings towards Mia. She's his charge, and he's always regarded her as such, but now she's grown into a sultry, beautiful young lady and he doesn't quite know how to handle her anymore. He is adorably protective of her though.
Mia was brilliant, she's very straight forward and determined. She's had a crush on Exeter for so long, but it's developed from a childhood infatuation into something a lot more.
I loved watching these two develop their relationship, they have a solid foundation as they're close already. When Exeter starts teaching Mia how to control her cat nature through sexual release, everything changes.

The book was also really well paced, it was never dull and there was always something grabbing my attention! Whether it was the mission to find Phaeton and rescue him from Prospero, or the steamy, budding relationship between Exeter and Mia.

I'm so intrigued about what is to come in this series...seriously there better be more. Especially with Prospero, I want to know what exactly his real story is.
I wish I'd read the first 2 books before this, but I'll definitely be reading the series in order soon!

*I received a review copy from the publisher, via NetGalley, for my honest review. Thank you!

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