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Book Review: One Night with a Rake by Connie Mason & Mia Marlowe

One Night with a Rake
Author: Connie Mason & Mia Marlowe
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publish Date: 4 June 2013

For King and Country, three notorious rakes will put all their seductive skills to work. After all, the fate of England's monarchy is in their hands.

Since the death of his fiancée, Nathaniel Colton's polished boots have rested beneath the beds of countless wayward wives and widows of the ton. He's careful to leave each lady smiling, and equally careful to guard his heart. So seducing Lady Georgette should pose no problem. But the beautiful reformist is no easy conquest, and Nate's considerable charm fails to entice Georgette to his bed. To woo her, Nate will have to make her believe he cares about someone besides himself—and no one is more surprised than Nate when he realizes he actually does.
My Review:

I really enjoyed this story, it had all the elements for a great historical romance- passion, conflicts and intrigue. It's also the first book I've read by either Connie Mason or Mia Marlowe. You certainly can't tell that it's written by two authors, their styles blend together perfectly.

Georgette is a very determined and independent woman, she wants to help others so much that she often gets herself into a spot of trouble. She doesn't care much for some of the rules of society, but I was frustrated with her when she was trying to decide between Nathaniel and the Duke.

Nathaniel is brilliant, he's got a roguish exterior but beneath that there's so much more to him. He doesn't want to seduce Georgette- at least not in the dishonourable way he's being forced to. He's conflicted through most of the book when it comes to Georgette, and wishes he could change what is to happen. It doesn't help that Georgette is the younger sister of his deceased fiancée.

I really enjoyed the secondary plot with the romance between Mercy (Georgette's reformed maid) and Reuben (the footman), it had a Downton Abbey feel to it! It's not often you get a peek into the servants' lives as well.
The romance between Georgette and Nathaniel was wonderful, it was wrought with conflict, but their love bloomed slowly. It started off as lust as they felt an instant attraction to each other.
I also really enjoyed the intrigue and the mystery, as they struggled to find a murderer.
I was so happy in the end that finally overcame their obstacles, and both of them found the strength to be together, despite what other people may have wanted them to do.

*I received a review copy from the publisher, via NetGalley, for my honest review.

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