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Book Review: Lover Be Mine by Nicole Jordan

Lover Be Mine (Legendary Lovers #2)
Author: Nicole Jordan
Format: E-book & Paperback (400 pages)
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Publish Date: 28 May 2013

As the wickedly seductive Wilde cousins seek true love by taking a page from history’s legendary love stories, Lord Jack Wilde plays a determined Romeo courting an enchanting Juliet.

The last thing Sophie Fortin expects at a masquerade ball is a dazzling kiss from a pirate. Her desire quickly falters when she learns that her masked gentleman is devilishly scandalous Lord Jack, a member of the captivating Wilde clan — and a man she’s forbidden to acknowledge. But when Jack begins a breathtaking seduction, Sophie can barely resist.

Jack never imagined that the daughter of his family’s mortal enemy would awaken such fierce passion within him—until one unforgettable kiss changes his mind forever. Soon, Jack is hell-bent on winning Sophie’s hand, going so far as to abduct her to save her from marrying a rival nobleman. Determined to woo Sophie and her unyielding parents, Jack is faced with the one decision he’d sworn never to make. The secret heir to a prince, Jack has spurned his royal heritage for years . . . but for Sophie he’ll risk all to turn a legacy of heartbreak into love ever after.

My review:

Oh wow, so good! There's so much passion, a swoon worthy hero and seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
It's my first book by Nicole Jordan, and I can absolutely guarantee you that I will be reading more from this author, starting with book 1 in this series- Princess Charming.
Although this is the second book in this series, I definitely didn't need to read the first book to understand anything that was happening. It works very well as a stand alone book.

So, Sophie and Jack's families have been feuding for decades, Sophie's father still feels cheated by the Wildes. Jack's cousin is absolutely determined that Sophie could be his perfect match, and they fit the roles of Romeo and Juliet rather well! Jack finally gives in, and agrees to at least meet her, but when they finally meet there is an instant attraction between them. Even though Jack considers the idea that he and Sophie are star-crossed lovers, to be crazy, he can't deny their connection and pursues her. Unfortunately, he has to court her rather secretly because of her father. And another problem- she's practically engaged to a Duke twice her age. Sophie's parents have financial problems and are reliant on her wealthy aunt. Sophie has a very strong sense of her familial duty, and can't afford to consider Jack, despite what her heart tells her.

I loved Jack! He was such an awesome hero. He ticked so many boxes for me, he has the image of a carefree rogue, known for his antics. There is a lot more to him though. He hides his vulnerabilities very deeply, even from his own very close family. He suffered as a child, and it still affects him greatly as a man. He's also incredibly protective, and is determined to fight for Sophie. There's nothing he wouldn't do to be with her. He is a total swoon-fest!

My feelings about Sophie varied greatly throughout the book. I could really appreciate the struggle she had between head and heart. Her parents have suffered so much disappointment, that she is determined to stand by her family's wishes, whatever they may be. She has resigned herself to marrying the Duke, even though she doesn't love him. I just found her complete devotion to her family, frustrating at times. It just seemed like they were being unreasonable and she was just accepting of it. But when she meets Jack, everything in her world is tipped upside down. She begins to yearn for more, and suffers such conflicted emotions. I liked Sophie, but I loved her by the end of the book. She became more of a fighter, and Jack brought out the rebel in her.

I loved how much this couple grew together. They both had individual obstacles to overcome, as well as ones as a couple. The secondary characters were brilliant! I love close knit families like the Wildes, that are a little bit eccentric. I'm looking forward to the rest of the Wildes' stories! Also, who doesn't love a crotchety old aunt, with a heart of gold?
I thought Nicole Jordan did a wonderful job of making Romeo and Juliet's story work for Sophie and Jack. There was quite a lot going on, but I never felt lost in the story and it moved at a fab pace.
It was also an emotional rollercoaster! One minute I'd be laughing, and the next chapter I'd be crying. Ms. Jordan seems to have a knack for tugging at my heartstrings, so I'm looking forward to more!

*I received a review copy from the publisher, via NetGalley, for my honest review.


  1. Great review! I just loved this one too!!! I thought she did a good job with the romeo/juliet theme.

    1. It was so good! I was a little bit wary about using Romeo & Juliet, but she did a great job with it! I can't wait to read the rest of the Wildes' stories!!


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