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Interview: At Any Cost by Cara Ellison

At Any Cost
Author: Cara Ellison
Format: E-book & Paperback
Publisher: Diversion Books
Publish Date: 28 May 2013

Fallon Hughes is like any young attorney suffering through her first year in a white-shoe Washington, D.C. firm: overworked, exhausted, and lacking a social life. 
She’s also the daughter of the President-Elect of the United States. 
Tom Bishop is the Secret Service agent assigned to protect her. After losing his wife on 9/11, he is not prepared to find himself attracted to the sexy, smart protectee. The ethics questions alone are explosive and despite the red-hot tension between them, he will not risk his career or Fallon’s reputation on a tryst that he is sure they will both regret.

When Fallon receives a phone call from a frantic young man who tells her he has information regarding a grave national security threat she agrees to meet him, but he never arrives. The next morning, she hears on the news that he jumped off the roof of a building and killed himself.
Fallon suspects Antoine Campbell did not commit suicide and launches an investigation. Despite a growing sense of paranoia, Fallon is determined to prove Campbell was murdered. At first, Tom tries to dissuade Fallon from becoming involved, but as it becomes obvious this is a murder case, Tom and Fallon must expose the conspiracy in her father’s administration before Fallon meets the same fate. And with the tension already sky-high between them, working this close together is surely going to get one of them to cross the line from a strictly professional relationship to intimately personal.

Set against the backdrop of Washington, DC, At Any Cost sets up a smoldering romance as it takes readers into the super-secret world of the Secret Service, the NSA, and ultimately the most private reaches of the White House.
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Hi Cara, welcome to The Rookie Romance Blog!
Thank you!  

Share 4 fun facts each about yourself!
  • I recently moved to England from Washington D.C. and am still in the throes of culture shock.   
  • Vincent Van Gogh is my dead boyfriend.  
  • Sticky toffee pudding is the best substance on earth.
  • I have over two thousand books in my house.
Do you have any little rituals for when you’re writing, or anything that helps you concentrate?
I can write with the television on, but I can't listen to music.  I eat candy when I'm writing - it is junky energy but it works for me; it seems to spur creativity.

What inspired you to write a book set against the political backdrop of Washington?
I lived most of my life in Washington D.C. and it is a town I love.  I love the thrum of it, the political urgency , the fact that all anyone ever talks about is politics.   It is a fun place to set a book because it has a very distinct sense of place.  

If At Any Cost was made into a movie, who would you choose to cast as Fallon and Tom?
Oh this is tough.  Fallon would probably be someone like  Emma Stone.  She has a very fresh American quality that I think would serve the role well.  And Tom would be played by Shaun Evans.  He's an English actor, so he'd have to learn an American accent, but there is a silent and brooding quality about him that reminds me of Tom.

Can you share a little bit about what you’re working on at the moment?
I'm working on the sequel, which is Omar and Leah's story.  It is shaping up to be a very sexy, suspenseful romp through Europe and of course Washington D.C. 

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Thank you!

About the Author

Cara is the author of AT ANY COST (Diversion Books) and the forthcoming sequel. After spending most of her life in Washington D.C., she now lives in a remodeled Victorian schoolhouse in southern England, which will no doubt make an appearance in future books. She lives with her husband and cat, both of whom provide an endless source of amusement and inspiration.
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