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Book Review: The Marrying Season by Candace Camp

The Marrying SeasonAuthor: Candace Camp
Format: Paperback (395 pages)
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publish Date: 23 April 2013
The third novel in the New York Times bestselling Legend of St. Dwynwen trilogy depicts the delicious romance between a haughty lady and the gentleman who coaxes her to drop her guard at last.
Genevieve Stafford, the younger sister of the Earl of Rawdon (A Summer Seduction), is an icy but beautiful aristocrat. Determined to make the sort of marital alliance expected of a woman of her station, she becomes engaged to the scion of another noble family. However, when Genevieve finds herself entangled in scandal, her fiancĂ© breaks things off. Shamed, she has no recourse but to retreat to the family estate…until her brother’s friend, Sir Myles Thorwood, offers to marry Genevieve and salvage her reputation.
Genevieve expects to have a loveless marriage of convenience, but the handsome, charming Myles has other things in mind. As the two of them work to discover who engineered the scandal that could have ruined Genevieve’s life, Myles shows Genevieve just what it means to be man and wife. Genevieve finds it difficult to resist the passion Myles evokes in her, but can she risk losing her heart to a man she thinks sees their union as only a duty?

My Review:

I'll admit, I'm a bit of a sucker for the trope of childhood friends marrying, and falling in love, and The Marrying Season nails it perfectly.

This is the third book in the Legend of St. Dwynwen trilogy, and it acts as a stand alone book perfectly well. I've not read the previous two, but that wasn't a problem. I never felt lost in a back story I didn't understand.

When Genevieve is caught in a situation that appears rather scandalous, though she is an innocent victim, her fiance callously rejects her publicly- ruining her in the progress. Luckily the gallant Sir Myles steps in to save the day. Myles is Genevieve's brother's old friend, and he has known Genevieve since they were children.

Genevieve is known as an ice princess and has a cold, haughty demeanor but it's because she's shy and awkward around people she doesn't know well. I related with Genevieve, and was cheering her on as she embarked on her marriage with Myles. At first she doesn't want to marry Myles because she doesn't wish to hurt him in the long run, but once they're married he awakens a passion in her she didn't realise she had.

Myles was absolutely perfect, I want my own Myles! He's handsome, funny, kind but also protective and strong. He's always desired Genevieve, but pushed it aside knowing she would never be his. But now that she is, he's determined to make theirs a real marriage.

The chemistry between Myles and Genevieve was red hot! She was so endearing in her innocence when they were married. Although Genevieve is pretty stubborn, and she mentions often that she has the heart of a Stafford. They had such an idyllic time once they were married and out of London, but things go downhill between them when they return. Misunderstandings and stubbornness abounds. Genevieve presents an indifferent manner when they argue, but inside she hurts. I just wanted to sit them both down and make them talk to each other honestly, half the time!

I really enjoyed this book, and I thought Genevieve and Myles were a perfect match! I'll definitely be reading the first 2 books as soon as I can get my hands on them.

*I received an eARC from the publisher via Edelweiss, for my honest review.


  1. Nice review! I also liked this one as well. I also loved how Myles was, he just made me want to melt. I love a irristable hero.

    1. He was just so perfect! I think these books are making my standards far too high haha


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