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Book Review: Knight of Grace by Sophia James

Knight of Grace
Author: Sophia James
Format: E-Book & Paperback (304 pages)
Publisher: Mills & Boon
Publish Date: 6 February 2009
She was his - signed, sealed and delivered!Ordered to marry, his betrothal to homely, timid Lady Grace Stanton was hardly worth the trouble of protest. Yet, despite everything, Laird Lachlan Kerr found there was something about her that was-brave. All his life he had been surrounded by betrayal, and this woman, who believed there was still goodness in him, was special indeed. Grace knew that the safety of her home depended on her betrothal - signed, sealed and delivered! Lachlan-s strength and unexpected care of her were dangerously appealing.She could fall for this man with secrets in his eyes.
My Review:

It's been a little while since I read a medieval romance, and I was definitely in the mood for one! I really enjoyed Knight of Grace, more than I thought I would, to be honest.

There's a lot going on behind the scenes in this book. It's a really turbulent time between England and Scotland, with a lot of people trying to take control of Scotland. Lady Grace Stanton is forced to marry Laird Lachlan Kerr....after his brother dies at her family home. Suffice to say, he is suspicious and not very pleased at having to marry her. But he does his duty, for his king.

Grace has suffered from itchy and dry skin all her life, and is laughed about at court. She has a pretty bad stammer, and is quite old at 26. She has a quiet strength and bravery, and does what she must to protect her family. I felt so much for Grace and was rooting her on through the whole book. She's thrust from her home, to a dangerous new home where she is most unwelcome.She bears everything with a quiet dignity, and it was a joy to watch her flourish throughout the story.

Lachlan's first wife was adulterous, so it was obviously a bad marriage. He's pretty bitter all around, and he believes that there was more to his brother's death than Grace's family is telling him. At first I didn't love Lachlan, because of his attitude towards Grace- but I guess I was already firmly on her side! He definitely grew on me quickly and by the end I loved him. He's very fierce and strong, a real Highland warrior...or Border warrior. There were times I wish he had trusted Grace more, especially towards the end.

There was plenty of intrigue in this book, and it kept me turning the pages (even after my bath water had gone very cold!). The romance blossomed slowly between them, although almost from the start there is a strong attraction between Grace and Lachlan. Over all, a great romance, with plenty of suspense and passion!


  1. This sounds like a fun read for a rainy afternoon. I will definitely keep an eye out for it.

  2. oo! medieval romance! I have not read one in a very very long time! Adding this book to my list, always on the look out for one of these. Beautiful review by the way :D

    1. It'd been far too long for me as well! A very welcome change :) And thank you!


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