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Book Review: In Chains by Michelle Abbott

In Chains
Author: Michelle Abbott
Format: Paperback & E-Book (147 pages)
Publish Date: 3 April 2013
A romance set in a world where slavery is government run and slaves are fitted with microchips. 
Savannah, fleeing a turbulent relationship, seeks solace at her brother’s country farmhouse. It’s there that she meets Kayden; her brother’s slave who's considered less than human. These two damaged souls form an unbreakable bond, one that’s about to be tested, because Kayden is her brother’s property and he will stop at nothing to keep them apart.

My Review:

In Chains is quite hard to categorize  it's sort of dystopia, and definitely romance. It's the world as we know it, with one pretty huge exception. There are slaves. The slaves aren't considered human, and certainly aren't treated well. Their harsh reality is acknowledged at the beginning of the book, when our heroine, Savannah, helplessly sees a slave callously 'put down'.

I wasn't really sure what I was expecting when I started this book, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised. Savannah and Kayden have a passionate and forbidden love that neither can deny.

Savannah's such a sweetheart, she's recently ended an abusive relationship and has retreated to her brother's house. She's a really kind person, with pretty low self-esteem and plenty of confidence issues.
Kayden is a great hero; he's a complete underdog but he's also very protective and loving. His strength despite everything stacked against him was so admirable.

The story is told in first person from Savannah's persepective for the majority of the book. I don't love reading books in first person, but Michelle Abbott makes it work. I knew how Kayden felt, and his perspective came across. I loved the sections that were told from Kayden's view- you really felt how much he loved Savannah, and how devoted he was to her!
I wish there had been more details on the slavery and how it all worked. There was information filtered throughout, but I was so curious about it. Slaves are people with Neanderthal DNA, and I wanted to know more about how they came to be separated from 'ordinary humans' in the past.
This next point is a personal thing- other people may not even notice, but Kayden constantly calls her baby. I don't like baby as an endearment anyway, but during the love scenes it did make me cringe a little bit.

The ending definitely made my heart stutter! Everything comes to a collision when Savannah's ex returns. Not only their love, but Kayden's life is in jeopardy and Savannah's the only one who can save him. I was very satisfied with the outcome, and it left us with a 'happy for now'- I'll just have to see what book 2 brings!

Overall, if you're a fan of forbidden romances, particularly with an underdog hero, then this is for you. It captivated my imagination, and pulled at my emotions.

*I was given a copy of the book by the author, in exchange for my honest opinion.


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