Thursday, 25 April 2013

Book Review: Voodoo on the Bayou by Elle James

Voodoo on the Bayou
Author: Elle James
Publisher: Entangled: Suspense
Format: E-book (230 pages)
Publish Date: 25 February 2013

“By day a frog, by night a man, ‘til de next full moon...”

At first, lawyer and ladies’ man Craig Thibodeaux thought Madame LeBieu’s chant was a strange bayou joke. But the voodoo worked and Craig is spending his days as...well, a small green frog. Now he has only two weeks to find love, or his new froggy transformation becomes permanent.

When she receives the anonymous toxic water sample from Bayou Miste, research scientist Elaine Smith decides a trip to the bayou is the perfect excuse to escape the lab, and forget about her cheating ex-fiance. Then she accidentally stumbles upon Craig’s oh-so-fine naked form, and her science-nerd brain is overrun with naughty thoughts about her new gorgeous night-time bayou guide.

But there’s more to Bayou Miste than voodoo curses and sexy late-night trysts. Dark secrets threaten the delicate ecosystem, and there are those who would do anything to keep those secrets hidden. Even murder...

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My Review

There's something about a book set in New Orleans, or Louisiana that always attracts my attention. Maybe it's because it seems like a different world than the one here in the UK! So with bayou in the title, I was already interested. Plus, a story with a little magical twist is always welcomed by me!

Elaine is crazy smart, she got her degree when everyone else her age was in high school. She's not the biggest people person and feels more comfortable behind a microscope. When her fiance cheats on her, she heads to Bayou Miste to investigate possible pollution in the water. Her self-esteem's low and she is vulnerable from her relationship ending and the things her ex said about her. Then she meets Craig, a guy she knows she should stay away from, but can't help but be drawn to.

Craig is a ladies man, no denying it. He's not looking for love or commitment, until Madame LeBieu puts a voodoo spell on him- then love is exactly what he's looking for. Or at least for someone to love him! I was glad that Craig wasn't some heartless schmuck, he didn't want to use Elaine to break the curse because he didn't want to hurt her. As Craig acts as Elaine's swamp guide, she gets under his skin and the chemistry between them is great.

There were a few elements I wished had been explored more, and I felt that the ending was too rushed. Their love declaration was right at the end, and Elaine never finds out about the curse. I'd have enjoyed seeing the reaction from her because she's so scientific and pragmatic.

I loved the times when Elaine would blurt out the wrong thing because she was distracted by Craig- it was great. Their romance was sweet, the chemistry was there from the start but the romance built nicely.
Overall, it was a fun story with plenty to entertain and great secondary characters. I'll be looking out for this author's books in the future.

*I was provided with a review copy by Entangled Publishing for my honest opinion.

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