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Book Review: Sweet Deception by Heather Snow

Sweet Deception 
Author: Heather Snow
Format: Paperback, E-book
Publisher: Signet
Publish Date: 7 August 2012

In the dark, the greatest lover can become the most dangerous conspirator...

Footsteps In The Fog

Lord Frederick Aveline, otherwise known as Derick, has successfully kept up appearances as an English nobleman. What no one knows is that he's a full-blooded Frenchman—a double agent for the British against the French. But there is something else no one knows about Derick. Deciding to leave behind his days of espionage, he's arrived home in Derbyshire to finish one final order of business: to find and expose a dangerous traitor in their midst.

But Aveline Castle holds its own share of secrets—including murder—and an unexpected lure in the brilliant and fiesty Emma Wallingford. Emma's loyalty lies with acting as the town's magistrate, and she doesn't welcome an unanticipated, though appealing, intrusion like Derick's. As the two of them are drawn closer, the sordid past of Derick's family comes to light, as does the true nature of his arrival. But when deception, however sweet, is the name of the game, no one can be trusted. And every love— and every life—is at risk.

My Review:

After reading the first in the Veiled Seduction series by Heather Snow, I was really looking forward to continuing the series by reading Sweet Deception. It definitely didn't disappoint!

One of my favourite aspects of Heather Snow's books (so far) are her amazing heroines. They're always very strong and intelligent, and Emma is no exception. She's a gifted and self-taught criminologist, she's extremely intelligent and loyal. She's also very endearing, she has a rather innocent outlook on life despite dealing with crime regularly by acting as the town's magistrate. She also has low self-esteem when it comes to her attractiveness and desirability, although very assured of her own intelligence.

Derick is a very intriguing hero. He presents the appearance of a self-absorbed fop, but he's actually spent years on the Continent as a spy for England. At first Emma takes him at face value and scorns the pompous young Lord, but it's not long before she starts to peel back the layers and find the real man. 
Derick has a dark view of life- unsurprising, considering he's spent years as a double agent; but also because of the truth of his heritage. 

The romance between Emma and Derick was so sweet and progressed at a very believable pace. The passion between them was undeniable! I loved how Derick would convince Emma of how beautiful she was. I also thought the way she set about purposefully seducing Derick was brilliant.

The mystery and intrigues along the way, as they tried to determine who murdered the housemaid, who the traitor was in their midst and how it all linked together was all very interesting. It didn't detract from Derick and Emma's relationship, if anything it was a great way to develop it as they worked together. And as to who the traitor actually was... well, it all took me rather by surprise! I don't think I'd make a very good criminologist... 

Overall, this is another fantastic and engrossing book from Heather Snow. With sensual romance and gripping mystery, you really can't go wrong. I can't wait to get reading Heather Snow's recently released Sweet Madness (the third in the series), if only the snail mail would get it here faster!

I was lucky enough to win a copy of Sweet deception from the author.

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