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Book Review: Chosen by Heather Fleener + Forsaken (Book 2) Giveaway

Chosen (Ancients of Light, Book 1)
Author: Heather Fleener
Publish Date: 10 January 2013
Publisher: Self-published

In the beginning...there were Vampire

Man’s fall from grace sparked the birth of the Dark creatures from the underworld. To counter the explicit threat to mankind, divinely-created immortals were brought forth. The Witch encompassed seven Castes of power; their magic was most effective against the nefarious agenda pursued by the evil ones.

She is Chosen... 
Kaitriana’s gift of magic is unrivaled. A descendant of the most powerful Ancient in existence, her birth was foretold ages before her time. Destined to lead the Witch faction, she is betrayed by her own kind, destroying her birthright and all hope of delivering the Realm from the sinister shadow of the Ancient Dark. 

He is the Key...
Lorcan is a mighty warlord in the Vampire species. His animosity towards the magical immortals is personal - his mother was their Queen. Having long since severed all ties with his former kin, his existence remains plagued by the repercussions of her treachery and a secret that threatens to be his downfall. 

They are the Prophecy...
An arcane prophecy from the time of the Ancients proclaims that only two in all of creation can bring peace to the Realm. When Kaitriana miraculously appears seeking his protection, Lorcan must forsake his duty and disregard the dictates of his breed to shelter the female. Together they must combat the Ancient Dark and surmount the forces within their own factions that would oppose the Prophecy. Their fates have always been entwined and only when joined can they triumph over a blood feud that has shadowed the Light for millennia.

My Review:

Oh wow, I totally loved this book!
The world it is all set in, The Realm, is so well crafted and detailed. There are two sides, the light and the dark. The Light, originally just the witches, are created to help protect humans from the Dark- originally the Vampires. Eventually, some vampires became part of the light, and were united with the witches in fighting the dark, until a betrayal created a rift between the vampires and witches.
A prophecy is foretold of a female witch who will have powers from the 7 castes, and will be the Chosen; she will unite the species and bring an end to the dark. Step forward, Kat! Kat is a super powerful witch and the Chosen. With Lorcan, the Warrior of Light vampire at her side they can fulfil the prophecy.
I thought Kat was great, she was spirited and mischievous. She has a playful sense of humour that lends amusement to this richly woven saga. She was sassy, without being irritatingly so. Her assurance in the strength of her powers is great, my favourite quote comes from a point where she’s seriously angry with two men who won’t listen to her properly for different reasons: ‘I am amazing and you arrogant asses are too feeble minded to realize it!’ That had me laughing, especially in the context of the book.
Lorcan is awesome; he’s sinfully handsome, a bit arrogant (he is the Warrior of Light after all), totally kick-ass and a powerful Vampire- with a witch mother. He can be a bit domineering at times, but I think it can only be expected when you consider that he was born in a time when men were the top dogs.
Actually it’s one of the things I loved about this book, it’s set in modern times but has a historical feel to it because the characters are very old. This was a great blend for me.
Lorcan and Kat are perfect for each other, and irresistibly drawn to one another. She adds a levity to the story and to Lorcan’s life. Whilst he reigns her in when she needs to be more cautious, and guides her in her new life.
The build up of the chemistry between the two was very well done, it was a nice slow build up –they didn’t just dive into bed!
The battled between light and dark, and the changes occurring in the realm because of the prophecy play a key part in the story, and the battle scenes have plenty of tension and details!

This has the feel of an epic saga, with a passionate romance woven through. I can’t wait to read Forsaken (book 2) and find out what will happen next in the Realm!

I received a copy of the e-book for an honest review.


Forsaken is the second book in the Ancients of Light series by Heather Fleener, and was published February 13, 2013.

Forsaken (Book 2)
The Prophecy Will Be Fulfilled
Ancients were created in the beginning of the age of man. The Vampire were birthed by the underworld after mankind’s fall from grace to destroy what remained of God’s people. This threat to Creation was countered with divinely-breathed immortals. The Witch were most effective against the nefarious agenda pursued by the evil ones. An arcane Prophecy proclaims that the divine purpose of the Ancients of Light will be fulfilled, beginning with the rise of the Chosen. Now the Queens will join her…

Fire is her Destiny
Ella long ago determined she would not live a life where magic defined her. Feeling no kinship with her Caste, she walked away from the Realm and its conflicts. She found acceptance and fulfillment in her life amongst the mortals and is on the brink of achieving her dreams. 

Darkness is His Curse
Nicholas is the most revered warrior in the Darks’ army. His personal animosity towards the Light drives his existence and draws him to the one Witch he is set on controlling. Nicholas knows the reasons that Ella never found acceptance within the Fire Caste of Witch and he will use that knowledge to pursue his Dark agenda. 

When Light and Dark Collide
Despite her origins, Nicholas discovers more in Ella than just a powerful Fire Witch, leading him beyond the Dark evil that has plagued him for eight centuries. Ella disregards the inherent calling of her breed for the only true belonging she has ever experienced, the love she finds with her Dark Vampire. The beginning of the very Prophecy that will save the Light tears the pair apart and the fallout threatens their existence. When two of the most powerful immortals on opposite sides of Realm collide in divinely-inspired fate, neither will escape unscathed. Only when the Forsaken finds grace will Ella and Nicholas be able to fulfill the destiny that has always been meant for them. 

About the Author

Heather Fleener lives in Indiana with her husband, D.A. and their twins, Thomas and Alexandra. Professionally she has spent her career working in the area of Intellectual Property law.
Reading has been a passion of hers since she was young and she has been a closet-romance junkie her entire life. The romantic styles of Judith McNaught and Julie Garwood are her inspiration, though she has read and loved the stories of countless other authors. Her fascination with the paranormal began to form at the young age of six, watching late-night ghost and vampire movies with her Grandpa. Unfortunately, as a result, she also remains afraid of the dark to this day.
Combining her love of epic romances and the supernatural was a natural progression for her overactive imagination. When the idea for the Ancients of Light series began, it was an abstract story line rambling around in her head to help kill a few miles on the treadmill. As the stories and plotlines continued to grow, it finally became necessary to put the words to paper and build the characters that had been living in the Realm and having conversations in her head for months.
Ancients of Light is a series of thirteen novels - a testament to many miles on the treadmill and lots of characters that insist on having their stories told.

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  1. This is a "new 2 me" series, but it sounds delightful. I love humor and snark in a romance.

    1. It's really great, I'd definitely recommend it! Kat's a brilliant heroine, and definitely adds some fab humour :)

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  5. The blurb sounds new and interesting. Another Vampire Book in my TBR ! I love a good Vampire Series and this definitely is something new to that genre so I would definitely read it. Plus Kat sounds like a very likeable heroine !!

    1. It's fab, and quite a fresh take on vampires! Kat is pretty brill lol

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