Sunday, 3 March 2013

Wave Hello!

So, I guess there's no better way to start my shiny, new blog than to say Hello!

I'll start by letting everyone know that I'm not great with technology so this is probably going to be a huge learning curve for me. It's only recently that I've even started following blogs, or paid much attention to the blogging world. But I have discovered a whole world of blogs about my favourite subject and it's inspired me to start my own blogging adventure!

This blog is all about me sharing my love of romance books. It all started when I was about 12. I was happily reading various YA fantasy books, and then I stumbled across Mills & Boon. My aunt was moving to Australia and she had a box of books she was leaving behind, she said I could have any I wanted. I came across a creased pink book, and the blurb intrigued me. So off I went with my new treasure, Roarke's Wife by Beverley Barton.

And I loved it. Seriously loved it. I started off reading solely Mills & Boon. Pretty much anything I could get my hands on. Then I found Historical romances and I was doomed. I've been primarily reading historical ever since. I still read paranormal, contemporary, YA and erotica romances, but my heart belongs to historicals- particularly regency romances.

Now that I've rambled on about myself for a while, I'll let you know what exactly this blog's about. I'll post reviews on books I've read or just blog about anything on my mind (related to romance of course). I'll try and keep it interesting!

Right, I think that's enough for now. Like I said earlier, it may be a bit of a bumpy start so if anything looks awful or particularly amateurish- that's because I am exactly that, an amateur :)

So, Hello to anyone reading this. And goodbye for now. I'll pop up again soon!

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