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Book Feature and Review: A Tale of the Other Kind by Leandi Cameron

A Tale of the Other Kind

Author: Leandi Cameron
Format: Ebook (272 pages)
Publisher: House of LeaVik
Publish Date: September 2012

Kai Emery likes to be indiscernible; however, his infatuation for his classmate, Sienna Fynn, has made his invisibility status all the more impossible to upkeep. His world spirals out of control when he discovers that he is a shapeshifting were-leopard, and finds himself unable to control his newfound anatomy. 
An unpredictable vampire enters his life, leading him down a path that soon reveals his destiny, and discloses another world, filled with magic and terrifying darkness. When he finds himself in danger from the god of magic and darkness for disobeying a curse bestowed upon his kind, forbidding him from falling in love with a human, he has to fight for survival, and protect everyone that he loves.

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Genre – YA Paranormal Fantasy
Rating – PG13
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My Review:

A Tale of the Other Kind has all the ingredients necessary to draw in the reader and keep them hooked. It's packed with romance, danger and paranormal mythology.
The mythology behind the creation/story of the supernatural beings was great, and very original. Although at times I felt a bit lost with some aspects of the story, there was a lot of information in a short space of time. The author does a fantastic job overall of creating a new, original supernatural world.

Kai and Sienna are drawn to each other, despite the obstacles between them. First, her (soon to be ex) boyfriend, and then Kai's startling discovery that he isn't quite human, and is in fact a shapeshifter. 
Kai takes the discovery in his stride. I was surprised at how unfazed he was by the changes happening to him. The descriptions of Kai's changed form were vivid, and I could picture exactly how I thought he would look as a 'cat-human'.
Sienna and Kai are both very easy to relate to, they may have all these obstacles to overcome but they're also just two people trying to connect in their crazy world.
Whilst Sienna isn't supernatural, she can certainly hold her own and wants to be with Kai no matter what. I do wish there had been more description about how she felt and what she was like as it was quite one- sided.
Astrid was pretty awesome, she may technically be a secondary character but she often stole the show in her scenes with Kai. Sarcastic and kick-ass, she's there to help Kai with everything that comes with being a shapeshifter.

The final showdown between the cruel, jealous god Quinn and Kai, Sienna and Astrid was a touch disappointing. It was all over very quickly, and I'd have liked that to have been drawn out more- and maybe seen more of Quinn.

I had a great time reading this rollercoaster book. It draws you in, and the pages are filled with action and romance that keeps you turning. I highly recommend checking it out!

I was provided with an ebook copy, for an honest review.


  1. I love a good roller coaster book...they always keep me on my toes!! I have to say I just love mythology so I will HAVE to put this on my tbr list for sure!!! Nice REVIEW!!

    1. Thanks :) It definitely kept me on my toes, it was a great pace with everything happening!


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